The Holo-Lev™ collection is a series of Holographic Pyramids used primarily for marketing and promoting particular concepts and products. The uniquely manufactured Holo-Lev™ unit allows brands to create a potent connection with potential clients by introducing a visual and dynamic element on site.

Our Product Display Technology comes equipped with an exclusive Levitation Module enabling real products to hover inside the Holo-Lev unit.

Proven sales analysis demonstrate that the consumer ‘WOW’ factor provided by the on site introduction of the Holographic Pyramid, offers an incomparable level of customer engagement.

Archi3D is able to produce premium quality, personalized Holograms to suit individual brands as well as offering full support for the installation, content, logistics and maintenance.



Select your preferred Holo-Lev model.


Chose a bespoke stand to suit your brand design guidelines.


We have absolutely no limitations when it comes to creating your next holographic animation.


We provide a complete service so you can rely on us from A-Z.


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